So let’s talk!

Let`s talk about ideal training plan, dietary or psychodietary plan to create tailor-made program for you – to accomplish optimal effects in your individual case.




You want to talk about your nutrition plan, eating habits or how to change them? Maybe you would like to consult your blood test results with dietetician, who can prepare a perfect individual supplementation plan for you? You want to talk about your case and find out how to eat to lose weight or regain health? Discuss your ideal training plan with best matched home exercises? Make an appointment for individual consultation. Let`s talk. We treat every case individually, we`re always thinking out-of-the-box.

Before the consultation describe your goal, choose consultation type and have your blood test results ready. Complete the survey and your nutrition report card and send it to us no later than 2 days before the consultation.

Choose your subcject and best consultation for you:


You feel that your nutrition is out of control, you eat even without feeling of hunger, you have no idea which products will be best for you or how to suplement? Maybe you are lost in media-promoted nutrition advices and you want to eat in a healthy way with no additional restrictions, but you don`t know what to start with? You simply need a diet plan but have no idea what to start with? Make an appointment for consultation.


If you already have few unsuccesfull weight-loss attempts and nutrition subject is stressing you. You feel that you always have to limit yourself to maintain proper body and you cannot resign from selected nutrition product groups even if they are not healthy for you… Try psychodietary consultation and let us help you!


You don`t know which exercises will be best for you? You`re after injury, you feel pain in your body and you don`t want to harm yourself? You don`t know how to start and looking for a solid plan? Make an appointment for training consultation. We`ll talk about your goals and expectations, we will choose best training plan suited for you, concidering your condition, expectations, limitations and desires.

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