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How to lose weight, have less stress, eat and live healthier way? Diet-Training Challenges, exercising at home, for beginners, with super-quick results. Training and healthy nutrition motivation – all in one place!



Do you like challenges? Looking for resluts in short period of time? Do you need a hollistic plan? Working out at home, nutrition, stretchiong or yoga for beginners. Everything in one place to help you reaching your goals.

You can waste time on searching for best programs, recipes and exercises to effectively lost weight, firming up your body, be healthy, gain self-confidence and self-acceptance. Or you can have it all and start my So Elite Challenge today! Use my original training plan for beginners and healthy and simple nutriotion plan to get visible results in no-time! Stop thinking: training or nutrition, how to start, what timing should I have, how to lose body fat. Try one of my So Elite Challenge programs, and you`ll be surprised on how quick you can get results.

So Elite Challenge is a training program and nutrition plan for everyone „starting from the next Monday”, trying for years and always loosing their motivation. You are not motivated to exercise and mantain proper diet? Every training last 30 minutes maximum and every recipe is quick and simple, without any fancy products.

What will you achieve with So Elite Challenges?

  • You will get specific, understandable home training and nutrition plan to be put into effect immediately. In simple words – workout and diet plan that you need.
  • High quality recorded exercises, available on online platform, with no commercials.
  • You choose what is your goal and which challenge you want to try:
    • So Healthy – 7 days – training and nutrition program for those, who wants to start eating healthy, be active and live healthier way. Exercises at home, targeting back and spine, stretching, Pilates, yoga for beginners. Effects in only 7 days: you`ll feel lighter, decrease body tensions and back pain, you`ll start fully breathing, stress less and eat healthier.
    • So Slim – 14 days – if you want to activate your metabolism and quickly reduce weight in healthy way try So slim – trainings giving you fastest resluts + effective diet (you eill learn what to eat to reduce weight). You will see effects after only 14 days: losing weight, feeling better in your own body, removing detained water – all without jumping and stamping (your neighbours will be so happy), no additional workout equipment and damaging your knees.
    • So Complete – 21 days – hollistic program for the entire body – using different training techniques and exercises in one program for better effect. Exercises for: belly, back, thigs, buttocks and arms – intense body toning and fat tissue burning (cardio) together with body slimming (Pilates and yoga for beginners). On addition healthy, simple and delicious diet, where you can eat practically everything. Thanks to this program you will make your body tighten up and slim, you`ll make your muscles stronger, learn healthy habits and motivate yourself for training in future.
  • Exercises on different advancement levels, you can f.a. find trainings for beginners, with no additional workout equipment nor jumping.
  • Intense, everyday work, goal-oriented with fast results and implementing good workout routine.
  • Motivational program and Facebook group support.
  • No special workout clothes, workout mask or other workout equipment needed.
  • Quick effects will surprise you and build your confidence.

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